While doing your due diligence on Karatbars, please remember that the internet is the wild west with no rules or governing body.
Literally, anybody can say anything and there are some unscrupulous people out there with many agendas.
Karatbars has served as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom for many people and it could be for you as well.
So please consider the following before you let someone steal your dreams

The following facts are documented and verifiable:

1. The largest fund raiser customer of Karatbars is the Vatican (see the third 100,000 run card below with the picture of the Pope on it). Do you think that the Vatican would allow Karatbars to put the picture of the Pope on a card if they had concerns about the company? They certainly vetted Karatbars and said YES!

2. Karatbars has their own private issue MasterCard (how we get paid... see above).
They certainly vetted Karatbars and said YES!

3. FedEx International partners with Karatbars and guarantees delivery in over 100 countries.
They also house operations within the Karatbars building. YES!

4. A three judge tribunal in Quebec investigated Karatbars for three years and deemed the referral system a legitimate business model. YES!

Karatbars was formed to protect people from the dangers of paper currencies and to provide an
opportunity for people to achieve financial freedom by spreading the word about Karatbars and their mission.

Acquire Gold, Save in Gold, Use the Global Gold Payment System and Help Others do the Same!

Karatbars International
Pricing, Product & Affiliate Program Key Points

1. Security – Karatbars is the leader among competitors in the industry of small weight 999.9 24K gold bullion

  • Burden of proof is on the seller when exchanging gold back into cash which is why Karatbars International embeds their gold in a card that documents it's authenticity using hologram technology, genetic markers and a DNA bath.
  • Hologram technology – Originally trademarked as kinebar-quality by a Swiss bank.
  • Karatbars uses hologram technology trademarked as Karatbar-Quality.
  • Karatbars improved authenticity certification in January 2015 with the introduction of DNA technology and genetic markers.
  • This can then be seen with black light technology to verify the authenticity of the gold sealed within the card.
  • Products without hologram and DNA technology can be tampered with and run the risk of being counterfeited.
  • With hologram, DNA and genetic marker technology Karatbars is the premier gold provider addressing authenticity of purity, fineness and weight. All Karatbars gold comes from only LBMA accredited refineries. LBMA refineries are recognized as producing the highest quality gold in the world.
  • Karatbars' advanced lamination process is performed in-house at Karatbars International in Stuttgart, Germany. Karatbars cards are superior in security, quality and durability when compared to our competitors and durability is critical for long term gold security.
  • There is no other product on the market comparable to CASHGOLD!

2. Karatbars makes gold purchases, storage and/or delivery available to people worldwide (now in 120+ countries)

  • Most people can’t afford to purchase gold by the ounce, let alone by the kilo. Karatbars makes gold available in 1 gram, 2.5 gram, and 5 gram increments. No minimum purchase. No subscriptions. Free storage. Automatic weekly/monthly savings option.
  • These small, transaction friendly weights are important in the event of any currency crisis.

3. Spot Price-vs-Retail Price

  • Spot price (market price) – This is the price at which gold is traded on the markets by speculators gambling on the chance that this price will rise, not the price at which you can actually acquire gold. Most gold traded on the markets doesn’t even exist. A fractional reserve system is used by gold dealers, in fact presently approximately 500 people have claim to any one ounce of gold sold on the markets at spot price! Karatbars is about owning and taking possession of actual physical gold, not speculation.
  • Retail price – Most dealers require minimum purchases that exceed 1 gram in order to buy at listed price. This makes it difficult for the majority of people worldwide to buy gold. Karatbars sells 1 gram at a time and stores the gold for free or ships via Fed-Ex insured delivery at a nominal fee with free shipping for 100 grams or more. Karatbars is priced competitively when compared to similar product offers (e.g. Union Bank Switzerland sells their security protected gram for $12/gram more than Karatbars) especially when you consider the features outlined above which make Karatbars gold the gold purchase of choice in today's world.

4. Considerations in comparing prices of gold bullion products

  • Gram prices of 999.9 gold will always be higher than per ounce prices of the same quality gold for good reason. The retail price of any product, including gold, will reflect the additional costs necessary to produce the product in smaller sizes .
  • The VALUE of per gram bullion over per ounce gold is clear in light of the reasons stated above e.g. affordability, transaction friendly for smaller purchases (e.g. food, car payments, clothes) and ease of storage/shipping.

5. Affiliate program

  • Compared to companies and dealers offering similar products, Karatbars International stands alone as the only company offering a lucrative affiliate rewards program. Karatbars pays up to 6% commissions on purchases made through a free online portal and up to 20% on purchases made through their revolutionary "Dual System" compensation plan.
  • Preferred Pricing: 3% gold discount cards are available through marketing affiliates. This allows a person to purchase an unlimited amount of gold at a discount for 12 months per card. FREE GOLD: Through the Karatbars affiliate program an affiliate can earn substantial commissions both in currency AND gold. This enables them to acquire more gold than they would otherwise have been able to afford.

6. Conclusion

  • Karatbars is the superior resource for people around the globe who want to acquire and accumulate gold bullion in small, affordable, transaction-friendly weights for all the reasons mentioned above.
  • Karatbars uses a very lucrative affiliate program to reward those who choose to spread the word about Karatbars gold. This affiliate program is designed to produce substantial income for affiliates as well as "free gold" for those who choose to take commissions in gold rather than fiat currency.
  • 2018 will see the launch of the virtual Karatbars Exchange Program (K-Exchange) which will facilitate the purchase of goods and services worldwide using the gold in accounts held by Karatbars members as the medium of exchange (Gold Money!). This is already in place at local businesses now, but the virtual version of the "K-Exchange" will be a global game changer.

Karatbars announces the release of "CASHGOLD" and the breakthrough Gold Banking/Shopping App "KaratPAY"!
These products launch the Karatbars International Virtual Gold Shopping, Savings and Exchange Program called K-Exchange. Look for the release of this program beginning in 2018 or better yet... register for your own free Karatbars Gold Savings account, become an Independent Karatbars Affiliate and set yourself up for residual income & generational wealth through Karatbars' Referral Marketing Program. Finally, in 2018 look for the release of the GOLD BACK app function. This function will empower people to shop through KaratPAY using their credit cards (Visa & MasterCard) and get GOLD BACK into their Karatbars Gold Savings platform from participating vendors! People will actually be able to acquire gold by doing something they love to do... SHOP!

The new Premium and Premium Professional Packages, available NOW, will even pay you a percentage of ALL CASHGOLD SALES WORLDWIDE FOREVER!

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